Courses taught at West Virginia University:

GEOL 101: Planet Earth

GEOL 311: Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

GEOL 404: Geology Field Camp

GEOL 411W: Deep-Time Earth Systems (a writing course)

GEOL 593A: Sedimentary Petrology

GEOL 593O: Fluid Inclusions

GEOL 593B: Chemical Sediments

GEOL 593X: Chemical Sediments Fieldwork

GEOL 593L: Technical Writing in Geology

GEOL 796: Geology PhD Seminar

Courses taught at Central Michigan University:

GEL 100 (and its lab): Introduction to Earth Systems

GEL 101: Physical Geology

GEL 102: Physical Geology Lab

GEL 201 (and its lab): Earth History

GEL 205: Oceanography

GEL 303: Marine Geology

GEL 325: Glacial Geology

GEL 330: Paleoclimate

GEL 440: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology